Mentoring Youth Adults serving youth who face challenging barriers in Saint Paul, MN.
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A summary analysis of the data (2010-­2014) revealed:

●  MYA predominantly serves Ramsey County, in St. Paul, MN. 4% of MYA’s youth population

from Minneapolis utilizes employment and mentoring programs.

●  The “hot zip codes” represent the zip codes entered by total number of applicants (in a given

year) identifying the top three zip codes as “hot zip codes”. Ramsey County concentrated

poverty zone study supports the MYA data in identifying extreme poverty zones.

●  Since 2010, MYA has served youth and families. It is important to note that MYA is a youth­based organization that believes in solving the crisis by bringing the whole family


●  5 years of data shows an average of 69% of MYA clients are female.

●  In 2012, a sharp increase in high school dropouts occurred, with an increase in homelessness

shown in the data for the same year.

●  MYA serves a predominantly African­American population, although starting in 2011, its

population diversified to include White, Native American, Asian and Hispanic applicants.

●  MYA receives referrals from many different social services agencies when applicants are extremely difficult to successfully process due to factors that may include, unlawful detainers,

criminal records, mental illness and health problems.

●  The average MYA client served has at least one child in the family.

●  Since 2011, unemployment has consistently remained high in the population data that MYA

serves. Those employed and do not earn living wages, have been identified as “extremely

impoverished,” meaning they live 40% below the national poverty threshold.

●  5 years of data shows that MYA’s applicants requested services consistent with their intake interview showing those with low education and income lacked access to housing,

employment and education.

●  Felonies show a drop in 2014 to 18%. The MYA 2014 Executive Director’s reports shows 1,680

community service hours logged by youth involved in the criminal justice system.

●  An average of 24% of applicants stated they had a disability.

●  YOY applicants increased to 152% from 2013 ­ 2014 applicants. With the increase, 135

applicants were homeless, increasing 19 points from 2011 to 2012.

●  MYA’s data shows that each intake requires 4­5 visits and 10 hours of counseling and

mentoring to fully serve their needs for housing and financial assistance. See Addendum Exhibit C: MYA Case Management Data Summary Chart

Year ­over ­year applications increased to 152% from 2013 ­ 2014. The 2014 MYA Executive Director’s report of Ramsey County Youth Place Summary shows success in 94 cases of the 437 intakes.