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About Mentoring Young Adults (MYA)

MYA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2006, in St. Paul Minnesota, a stone’s throw away from the State Capital. MYA positively impacts the community with programs focused helping young adults in initial crisis situations, training, counseling and group support. The cores programs are: 1) providing housing for homeless youths 2) financial assistance for low­income youth and families 3) youth’s second chance re­entry to support transition back into society from Juvenile Detention Centers or Prison, depending on the age and circumstances of their case.

MYA is a community­-based organization providing crisis­management for vulnerable youths, seeking to close the extreme inequalities in communities of color on the front lines fighting homelessness, high­school drop rates, unemployment and the disproportionate number of young adults caught up in the criminal justice system due to the lack of education and competitive skills essential to sustain a positive, healthy and productive lifestyle.

MYA brings substantial value to the community based on delivering a unique model that incorporates trust, love, education and Dora Jones. Dora Jones, Executive Director and founder of MYA, has walked in her clients’ shoes. It is her story and her tireless work on behalf of each and every client that walks through the door that inspires an immediate positive response from debilitating depression and hopelessness to empowerment and confidence that MYA is about to change their life, right then and there. I had the honor of talking to Dora’s mentor and lifetime coach, Mary K. Boyd, who tells the story of a troubled youth, sent to her alternative school because she was thrown out of the St. Paul Public School system. Through an integrated mix of education, love, support, hard work, development and continued mentoring, Mary K. was able to get to the root of the issues of this young lady and assist her with turning her life around. That young lady is Dora Jones.

MYA’s Purpose

Mentoring Young Adults, also known as MYA, seeks to disrupt poverty in the communities it serves by addressing the extreme economic challenges youth face in diverse communities of color in Ramsey, Dakota, Washington and Hennepin Counties, that threaten the health and welfare of these communities at large.

The impact of MYA in disrupting poverty is a result of its unique social services programs that were developed by its founder, Dora Jones. Over the years, from digging deep at the root of the issues in the family causing youth homelessness, joblessness, low wages and youth involved in the Criminal Justice system, Dora injected programs based on the need to help MYA clients in crisis and supporting their climb out of poverty.




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