About Dora Jones

Mentoring Young Adults, led by Founder and Executive Director Dora Jones, invested ten years of service to the extreme poverty concentrated areas of Ramsey, Dakota, Washington and Hennepin counties in the State of Minnesota. There is enough research, data and historical accounts of systemic disparities to conclude that the level of inequality in the State has reached unacceptable. The research also provides data that shows the inequality is at levels that cause harm to the entire populationintheStateofMinnesota. The levels of extreme poverty and inequality are harmful to the health of the community, that new threats such as the increase in drug overdose and gentrification, will result in increased homelessness, unemployment and youth involved in the criminal justice system, affecting communities of color in greater proportion.

MYA’s Executive Director, Dora Jones’ focus on the short term outcome has performed outstandingly on implementing CURA’s recommendations to its organizational structure. In fact, key successes from implementing the logic model strategic plan are:

  1. Increase in YOY funding
  2. Attracted new funding sources
  3. Increase landlord network

MYA is celebrating 10 Years of Service to the communities it serves. The MYA infographic to the left represents the key areas where MYA’s data showed the most impact to the community in reducing homelessness, providing job training and placement and through it mandatory education programs, MYA has 100% participation rate.